Sim Sim 2BAD!

 Last week we
sang “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. This week we sing a different tune,
still all for the ladies. Beenie Man sang “Zim Zimmer, who have the keys to my
Bima!” Big Tune now sings: “Sim Sim-er who have the lyrics, ah de Diva!

Ladies and
gentlemen, please make welcome on stage, as I turn this phenomenal other page –
the beautiful, vivacious – yet she is critical and that is typical,  because she is so lyrical – filled with
diversity without complexity, Simone Barton, known more popularly by the
pseudonym Sim Sim2Bad!

It all started
in 1992 at Christiana Comprehensive High School in Jamaica. Wooed on by her
inspiration from two dancehall divas, Lady G and Lady Saw, Simone Barton
stepped into the entertainment world of dj-ing and Sim Sim was born. At the age
when a young woman would be more inclined to be writing mushy love letters, Sim
Sim was writing dancehall lyrics and unleashing them to appreciative audiences
at school concerts.

She got her
first experience performing alongside a famous name when popular Jamaican
singer, Wayne Wonder came to her school. The overwhelming response that she
received strengthened her resolve to make it big in the biz. She had talent.
There was now no doubt in her mind about that.

In 1996 her debut
into motherhood put her on pause, but not for long though. The up-coming diva
had lyrics boiling up inside her like an hydraulic cylinder and in 1997 she
started to visit sound systems at dances in and around Spauldings, Manchester,
sending out heat waves in more ways than one throughout the circuit. 2 Bad!

In 1998 she
took another hiatus at the birth of her second son. This time was to be a
longer furlough as she did not re-enter the music scene again until year 2000.
Then she came out with even more vehemence and determination. She linked up
with Beenie Man’s cousin, Black Mice, a DJ himself, with whom she toured the
studios, hitting on most of those that were around Kingston. During those
excursions she recorded a lot of demo songs but never a proper single. At one
stage she visited the Cool Ruler, Gregory Isaac’s studio where the man heard
one of her tunes “Never Give Up” and loved it.

2003! Teen
Splash! Sim Sim had her first taste of a huge stage, entering a lyrical battle.
When the dust was settled there were only two standing, herself and another.

Wednesday night Blazay in Manchester! Sim Sim was there, in the thick of the
lyrical wars that raged.

2005! New
Frontier! Grand Cayman – Baby Cham Concert at Lion’s Centre. Sim Sim was there
and Sim Sim2Bad was born. Need I say more? She then teamed up with Jah Shawn,
Flava and Black Wedda to form The Piranhas. The group has since changed its
name to Beez Hive Family.

She finally
released and has been receiving heavy radio rotations, two singles, “Bagga
Suss” and “Stepping Up Higher”. There is also “Closet” that is not only doing
well locally but is also doing pretty well in Belgium.

Sim-Simmer! 2

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