Nice to have you guv

God save the Queen.

She has given the Cayman Islands a governor who actually wants to be here, despite all the challenges facing the Cayman Islands right now.

It is refreshing to read in today’s front page article in the Observer on Sunday that Governor Duncan Taylor applied for the position of governor in the Cayman Islands, even though he knew the challenges that lay ahead of him.

Not only does the new governor want to be here, he, unlike many of his recent predecessors, does not have one foot entrenched in retirement.

That knowledge alone should help as he goes through the honeymoon process with us and as we get to know him.

Taylor is the youngest governor the Cayman Islands has ever had. It is our prayer that his youthful energy will be spent working with the people of the Cayman Islands to help rid the seemingly negative image we have in the United Kingdom.

The former governor, Stuart Jack, left many in this country with ill feelings toward himself and the UK. It appeared to many that the former governor was working in tandem with the UK to tarnish the good name Cayman.

Taylor has already made a good start of trying to mend relations by moving us past Operation Tempura. In his mind, as well as ours, Op Temp is officially over with.

While that little exercise in futility left us looking like a bad tempered, red headed stepchild in the eyes of the UK, there is much fence mending that Taylor can do, with our help.

Fortunately Taylor and his family have received a warm Cayman welcome from those they have met during the first days after arrival to our shores.

There will probably be some times in the future when Taylor and the government of the day have to agree to disagree, but we hope these don’t happen too often. Taylor is right, people can have heated arguments and discussions and still remain on good terms.

All we ask of Governor Taylor is that he has the best interest of the Cayman Islands at heart and portrays us fairly to his comrades in the UK.

As long as the Cayman Islands remains a British Overseas Territory we will have a representative from the Queen in the form of a governor residing in our country. We welcome Taylor and his family to our Islands and look forward to working with the new governor to put our best foot forward.

It is refreshing to have someone in that office with our vested interest at heart.