Chevy Camaros muscle ahead

Camaros are generally a heavy and
powerful breed of Chevy cars.

With a few engine modifications
Camaros can be straight-line weapons.

Proof of that can be seen at
Breakers Speedway where two Camaro models have set the two most popular records
this year.

The white drag-prepped 1969 Camaro
of Jamaican racer Dean Shaw has the overall track record. Shaw set the mark
last month in 5.683s down the 1/8 mile drag strip.

Sammy Jackson now holds the record
for fastest time by a local driver after he ran his white 2000 Camaro SS two
Saturdays ago. His time was 5.883s, 200ths of a second behind Shaw’s time.

Jackson, who became the first local
driver in the history of Breakers to run under six seconds, made his historic
pass on a routine run while testing and tuning his car.

An attorney by day, Jackson spoke about how
the record run happened.

“I wasn’t trying to break the
record. I was just testing car and I just dialled in the suspension. I told
(Robert) Campbell
I wanted to make a couple runs and he graciously prepped the track for me.

“Leading up to the run the car had
been biting hard on the tires and when I shifted the car it kind of rolled to
the right.

“I didn’t go all out on my run. If
you go to the track you can see the tire marks by the 1000 foot area where I
slammed on the brakes.”

Interestingly Jackson’s record run featured a slower top
speed than he normally runs. His previous personal best was a little over 6.170s
at 119mph. This time he was at 109mph.

His 60 foot time was also
incredibly quick as track officials clocked Jackson in 1.34s.

All of that came from a car
boasting a 565 cubic inch big block V8 Chevy motor that is naturally aspirated
with no forced induction of any sort.

In spite of such form Jackson insists the
Camaro, a purpose-built race car, is far from ready.

“There’s no hood on
the car and it’s not complete. Basically we’re trying the car out while it’s 90
percent. We’re working on different spring rates and tire pressure. I haven’t
even launched the car on full throttle yet.”