Honouring women

March is Cayman’s Honouring Women Month
and this year the theme is Women Making History in recognition of women who
have broken gender barriers and shattered glass ceilings.

The women who have inspired by example
and given other women the motivation to make their own choices and shape their
own destiny are the type of women being honoured this year.

This is the twelfth year of Honouring
Women Month, which is organised by the Department of Counselling Services’ Family
Resource Centre, Programme Officer Miriam Foster said.

“The theme will allow our community
to reflect on past milestones and encourage us to achieve future ones,” she
said. “We recognize that these women did not limit themselves because things
had never been done before. Instead they sought a different path and left their
mark on the world.”

Honouring Women Month also
celebrated the UN’s International Women’s Day on 8 March. The UN International
Women’s Day dates back to the beginning of women’s suffrage in the early 1900s,
but also reflects the centuries-old struggle to participate in society on an
equal footing with men.

As part of its central organizing
principles, the UN includes the statement that no lasting solution to society’s
social, economic, and political problems can be found without the full participation
and empowerment of the world’s women.

The International Women’s Day ceremony
was hosted by Minister for Community and Housing Affairs Mike Adam and the
Family Resource Centre in front of the Government Administration Building. The
IWD address was expected to be delivered by Acting Premier and Minister for
District Administration, Works and Gender Affairs Juliana O’Connor-Connolly,

Prominent Caymanian sportswoman, Merta
Day, now the sports coordinator for women at the Department of Sports, will be guest
speaker for the ceremony. Also honoured will be the Cayman Islands under-17 girls’
football team. The women history-makers timeline will also be unveiled on the day
and the winners of the poetry and photo contest announced.

Cayman’s Honouring Women Month
celebration will also include a church service; a poetry and photo contest; the
sunrise/sunset 5K walk/run; the honouring of women through the arts; the yoga
Guinness World Record events; as well as other sporting and business-focused

 For more information or to become involved
with Honouring Women Month activities, visit www.wrc.gov.ky,
telephone 949-0006 or email [email protected].