Staff backbone of the hospital

From young interns to personnel with decades of service under their belt, Faith Hospital attracts dedicated staff.

Yvette Dilbert knows Faith
Hospital. She knows it so well; she was chosen to give the vote of thanks to
all those who had played a part in its development and its recent renovation
work at the reopening ceremony.

As hospital administrator, she had
first-hand knowledge of most of the work that had gone on.

Ms Dilbert is one of several staff
members who have worked at the little hospital for decades, joining as a
volunteer in 1973 – the year after the hospital was completed.

She worked as a nursing assistant
in 1974, became a registered nurse and worked in a variety of roles including
as a nurse manager and being responsible for the emergency room and for
disaster preparedness.

“I’ve been here almost from the
beginning,” said Ms Dilbert, a born and bred Cayman Bracker.

She said the staff of the hospital
had faced challenging times during the renovation work, especially after
Paloma, having to move to temporary locations every few months.

“This was a very complex and
challenging project for everyone involved and for the entire community. And
just when the project was going well, along came Paloma, which almost
devastated our island and the project was no longer renovation, but recovery as

“That was about 16 months ago, but
as always we endured the hardships, worked together as Brackers and came back
stronger than ever,” she said.

“Thanks to the hard work,
generosity and dedication of so many people, we somehow managed to keep
delivering quality healthcare to this community while conducting major renovation
to our beloved Faith Hospital and improving the ability of this facility to
serve the needs of the Sister Islands.”

While long-serving members of staff
like Ms Dilbert and colleagues Carol Sue Ryan, Mavelyn
Martin and Dana Scott, have been witnesses to the
changes that the hospital and the Island has undergone over their years of
service, there is also a new crop of potential medical professionals stepping
up to work at Faith.

At February’s reopening ceremony,
two 17-year-old interns were honoured for their work and their ambition – Kodie
Scott who hopes to become a dentist and Kelcey Smith who wants to work in the
field of pharmacy or nursing.

The director of the Sister Islands
Health Services, Dr. Srirangan Velusamy said: “We are excited that last year we
got two student interns. They are very bright.”

Kelcey said she was interested in
becoming a pharmacy technician. “I’m enjoying everything about the work. I can
actually see myself doing that, and educating people and working with
computers,” she said.  

Minister of Health Mark Scotland
presented the two students with inspiration books at the reopening ceremony.

Mr. Velusamy said they would work
at the hospital as interns for a year and would be regularly given advice on
their career path.

The hospital will continue to seek
out talented and motivated students each year to identify those who may want to
go into medicine.

“Every year, we are going to go to
the high schools, year 11 and 12 stage and identity the talent and interest and
then we can train them,” he said.

The only problem, he admitted, was
the youngsters were so promising, the hospital may lose them to Grand Cayman.