Celebrating Commonwealth Day

 Like others around the globe,
Prospect Primary celebrated Commonwealth Day under the theme Science,
Technology and Society on Monday.

Throughout the day students participated
in various activities, which focused on the culture and heritage of different
countries, and the importance of the Commonwealth.

After an opening prayer by school
chaplain Pastor White, students sang It’s a Small World and watched a
PowerPoint presentation of the Queen’s Commonwealth Day message. 

In his greeting to the students
Learning Community Leader Clive Baker spoke on the importance of technology for
communication purposes.

A short meditation by Reverend Mary
Graham focused students’ attentions on loving one another and the importance of
appreciating everyone; no matter how they looked.

Music teacher Victor Hemans
demonstrated how using technology assisted his music performance by playing the

Students then participated in a PowerPoint
presentation, which included short skits of the culture and heritage of
commonwealth countries such as Brunei Darussalam, Botswana, Mauritius,
Kiribati, Bangladesh and Namibia.

The activities concluded with
Principal Gloria Bell encouraging students to display tolerance, kindness,
respect and love to one another. “We have to live like Jesus and we will have
peace,” she said.

She also congratulated Years 5 and
6 on the PowerPoint presentations. She said it shows students are ready for
technology as they took up the responsibility of heading the activities in
place of the teachers.