FAST and even more popular

The Fast Adrenal Stress Training has
two more seminars Saturday at the Prep School on Smith Road.

Course instructor Bob Daigle said:
“In addition to requests from the general public we are receiving more and more
requests from security companies who are sending their staff for training as

“We teach participants the
awareness skills to recognize potential threats and how to de-escalate
situations before they become violent.

“It is important that you do not
respond aggressively when confronted by an irate individual. This can add fuel
to the fire resulting in the situation escalating to the point of violence.”

Mariko Jack, the wife of former
Governor, Stuart, enjoyed a FAST Defense class last year. She said: “I am
really glad that I attended the FAST Defense seminar. It introduced me to a
unique and extremely useful approach for conflict/violence avoidance.

“It was organized in such a way
that all the participants were drawn into the training deeper and deeper as it
progressed and made us feel more assertive, confident and streetwise by the

For more information on these
seminars contact Bob Daigle at [email protected]

or call 925-6946.