CUC hunts deposits

Caribbean Utilities Company is
chasing security deposits from about 200 of its business customers.

The power company, in a statement
on Thursday, said it had a longstanding policy requiring commercial customers
to pay a deposit that covers 45 days of service.

“A review of our commercial
customer accounts that have hit the delinquency list in the recent past found
that there were approximately 200 customers who did not have a deposit on file,
or whose monthly bills exceeded their deposits,” the statement said.

The company has written to those
customers requesting security deposits.

Some customers have complained that
they are being asked for an excessive amount and that the deposits are being demanded
even though they have not been delinquent in paying their bills.

CUC stated: “In an effort to
regularise this situation, the company has written to these customers requesting
that they place a security deposit on their account. The deposit will earn
interest at the going rate for certificate of deposits at local banks, which
will be credited to the account on a monthly basis.”

It added: “It should be noted that
unlike other businesses where payment may be demanded before the good or
service is provided, the manner in which our service is metered gives the
customer up to 45 days of credit from the time that the electricity is used
until a bill is received.”

Minister of Community Affairs and Housing Mike Adam said
he would look into the situation and speak with CUC about it.


  1. This article is very interesting as the word “hunts” is used as if the customers have been dilinquent!

    I received my CUC bill for the month of Feb-10 and noticed that the amount was for under $10.00. What i have noticed is that a credit was applied to my bill which i can only guess is that my deposit has been applied to my bill for the month of Feb-10. How this happened is beyond me as CUC should first look at thier internal biling process before “hunting” their loyal customers.

  2. It’s very interesting that CUC is so concerned with receiving their security deposits, yet fail to RETURN those deposits upon cancellation of service. My family left the Islands back in September of last year and we have yet to receive our deposit back from them. We have been told it may take up to six months (which we have obviously reached). How can any modern accounting practices take such a long time to return a security deposit. How about a little customer service CUC?

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