Business after hours goes down a treat

Mail Boxes Etc. held an official
grand opening amid a flock of curious patrons and supporters Wednesday night at
Camana Bay.

Owned and run by husband and wife
team Sacha and Lucy Tibbetts, the business is part of an Italian based business
franchise that represents the largest entity of its kind in the world.

 The brand is also known for its first place
ranking on prestigious business website in addition to ranking
eighth in categories other than business.

Mail Boxes Etc. services include
full-service expert packaging, shipping through UPS, FedEx, DHL and its popular
US Address e-commerce fulfilment services.

Customers can enjoy the luxury of
private mailbox services, mail receiving and forwarding, packaging supplies,
digital quality black-and-white and colour copying and other document finishing

According to Mrs. Tibbetts, “The company started as a result of the
frustration I encountered when having to travel to different destinations in
order to complete administrative tasks. This took me away from my business.”

She said it became apparent to her
and Mr. Tibbetts that a business able to facilitate a centralised service for
various administrative functions was greatly needed.

 “Businesses on the West Bay Road no longer
have to travel to George Town to complete tasks,” added Mrs. Tibbetts.

After seeing that Mail Boxes
Etcetera was growing rapidly in the Caribbean, Both Mr. and Mrs. Tibbets said
they thought it would do well in Cayman.

The former explained that starting
the business was a two year labour of love, which required her to have to make
personal sacrifices, as she has two young children. She added however that
seeing such a large turnout at the business after hours function was not only
encouraging but also gratifying.

Representatives for Mail Boxes Etc.
praised the new Cayman branch saying they were looking forward to great things
and were particularly pleased with the Camana Bay location.

They also praised the perseverance
of Mr. Tibbetts and his wife, calling them fierce negotiators with great
intellectual capacity. 


Managing Director Lucy Georgeakopoulos Tibbetts tells guests what’s on offer at Mail Boxes Etcetera.
Stuart Wilson