North Sound madness!

A group of swimmers are set to
attempt a crossing of the North Sound this coming weekend, weather conditions

For most, the North Sound is a
water sports playground, whether on jet skis, kite boards or sail boats. Yet
for others, it is a challenge to be conquered.

Triathlete and swimmer Alex Harling
decided to take up the challenge.

“About a year ago I threatened to
consider thinking about planning to maybe one day, at some point in the indeterminate
future, do something that benefits others and not just myself,” said Harling.

Eventually, all the discussions
ended up with Harling and some friends deciding to take on the North Sound on
21 March.

The crossing is approximately 5.4
miles from Rum Point to Barkers. As if the distance is not enough of a
challenge, the water conditions can be very variable while the currents can
make swimming in a straight line very tough as well.

At least Harling is likely to have
plenty of company out on his swim, with Andrea Roach, Johan Heath, Chris Rose,
Terry Petyt and Jasper Mikkelsen set to join in.

This should make it somewhat easier
to accomplish that it was for national swim coach Dominic Ross when he made the
same crossing last year. Ross made the crossing solo, and afterwards described
it as something that had to be done and that he is not likely to attempt again
anytime soon.

Harling believes that Roach will be
the first woman to attempt a swim crossing of the North Sound.

Although swimming across the North
Sound just because it is there is a big motivating factor for the swimmers, Harling
and company are not doing the swim purely for entertainment, as they are using
the opportunity to raise funds for cancer research.

Anyone interested in supporting
Harling in his endeavour can visit