Getting that bit extra

If your kids are grappling with certain school subjects or maybe they just need  better grades for college applications then there are two services coming soon to Cayman that could provide the help they need.
 Jeanette Lett is director of Headstart Tutoring plans to open her doors to children at the Family Life Centre, offering classes in English, maths, reading and science subjects.
Lett says the tutoring service will cater for students from kindergarten right up to Grade 12.
And adults who need some help are also welcome and will be treated with confidentiality, says Lett.
“Our ratio is one teacher per three students,” she said.
Classes are held in the afternoon, after school hours.
“Having worked in the school system, I know there is a need for tutoring for some students. Sometimes in a full sized classes, some children just cannot grasp all they need to. Here we can maximise potential,” Ms Lett said.
“Some do better in one-on-one or small group environments,’ she added. “Some children need the extra help; it is part of the educational health.”
Ms Lett has taught in schools in the UK, Jamaica, the Bahamas as well as in the Cayman Islands.
Florida Air Academy
The Florida Air Academy offers something quite different. Founded in 1961 it is a fully accredited, private, college-preparatory boarding school for young men and women, grades 7-12.  They will be in Cayman on April 15 to enrol for their summer programme.
The academy is a leader among college-prep boarding schools in the United States with a track record of 100 per cent college acceptance since 1978.
Their speciality is in working with students who want to be challenged in academics and placed in top colleges and universities.  In order to compete at this type of academic level, pupils need motivation and dedication and the academy’s aim is to give the individual attention and drive that students need to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive world. One of the ways they do this is by providing small classes and low teacher/student ratio.  
As well as a strong academic curriculm, they have special programs such as flight training, equestrian, martial arts, scuba, skateboarding, and surfing. Creative pursuits are also a strong point and children are able to take part in an array of performing arts and athletic activities.
They also give individualized ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) during the regular school year, and an English Immersion Program during their Summer Program.
Their campus is located on the central east coast of Florida and transportation is provided to and from the Melbourne and Orlando International Airports.

For more information on the tutoring service, visit, contact [email protected], or call 927-2445.

Florida Air Academy
South Academy Drive, Melbourne, FL 32901 |
Tel: (321) 723-3211