Humane Society Thrift Shop renovated

The Cayman Islands Humane Society
Thrift Shop recently opened its doors again after extensive renovations.

Although the same bargains are
still to be found, the shop has a new look and feel that reminds much more of
an upscale boutique than a thrift store.

“You walk in now and it’s like
you’re in a boutique,” said Sharon Ebanks, manager of the Humane Society Thrift
Shop. “It’s still a thrift shop, but you look at it and you think you’re in a
store, which is nice.”

The shop features new floors and
bold red walls with contrasting white shelving, which is a major improvement on
the former drab appearance.

“I can’t wait to see the look on my
customers’ faces when they walk in here and see the place. I think now we will
attract some people who we haven’t attracted before. We will still have our
regular customers though,” Mr. Ebanks said.

The man behind the bold new design
is Michael Miller.

“They wanted a red door, and this
is what happened. It’s always best not to let me run amuck,” he laughed.
Fortunately he was kept in check by Shannon Sylvestre, the project coordinator.

The makeover was not limited to new
colours and floors either. The display and organisation of items has also been

“Each rack has its own feel, so
when people are in here shopping they know if they want casual it’s one rack,
suits another rack, jackets another rack – they’re not going from rack to rack
trying to find something,” said Mr. Miller.

“The men have their own department;
we have a very good boutique section, with some very high end clothes for women
at very reasonable prices. There are some beautiful evening gowns,” he

Although the look of the store has
changed, the prices have not.

“We call this our ‘all new look,
same old prices’. We had one lady coming in and say ‘Oh, it looks very expensive’
and we said ‘no, it’s just clean and new and fresh. So the prices haven’t
changed, everything is still the same,” said Mr. Miller.

The store plays a very important
role in the Humane Society’s fundraising efforts.

“All the donations that we get in
here benefit the animals, but at the same time it’s helping a lot of people,
because things are expensive here right now, so a lot of people are shopping at
the thrift shop,” said Ms Ebanks.

The Humane Society Thrift Shop is
located at the Humane Society building on North Sound Road.


  1. Honestly, when I walked into the store to take a quick look at what there was to offer I had to step outside and see if I was in the right place! The shop looks FANTASTIC!

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