Going bananas over reading

The St. Ignatius School Loyola Hall
was teaming with storybook characters last week.

The dress-up day was part of a
reading week programme called “Gone Bananas.”

Students were encouraged to read a
book and at the end of the two-week session they got to dress up as their
favourite story book character.

Each year, teachers along with the
school’s librarian Allison Taylor, who brain stormed the idea of Gone Bananas
to promote reading Week; reads hundreds of books during the time.

After reading a book each student
was given a paper banana to be pinned on the banana tree. The class that
collected the most paper bananas won the prize.

“This year the costumes were the
best I had ever seen,” said Ms Taylor, dressed in an oversized banana costume.
She paraded the students and teachers in their costumes to the delight of

But that was just the start of the
fun. After assembly, students went to their classrooms to listen to
story-telling and participate in related hands-on activities.

 As a reward, teachers and
student enjoyed a banana split day, won stuffed prizes and new books for their

Throughout the week students
designed book covers and a book quiz.


Kindergarten students are enthralled by all the costumes on parade.
Photo: Jewel Levy