The Cayman
Ministers’ Association joins the wider community in expressing outrage over the
upsurge in crime that has been such a scourge to our peace-loving Cayman
Islands. As an Association our membership is actively involved in private
ministry and support to many of the families in our community whose lives are
directly affected by these disturbing and distressing crimes.  The church community remains committed to the
socialization and resocialization of youth and others in community through its
programmes; we are also committed to continuous prayer for our entire
community, that God will give us wisdom, guidance and direction as we seek to
bring about effective and positive change.   
While we have spoken out from our pulpits and through our media programmes
on these important topics, we recognize that current circumstances demand
increased action and therefore add our voice alongside of others who continue
to express concern and call for change. We therefore appeal to all members of
our community to consider the following statements and consider how you can get
involved and make a positive difference.

  1. Those who invade the privacy and
    security of others have given in to cowardice and selfishness. They are
    not to be admired, but rather shunned by all until they give themselves up
    to the authorities. Any friend, knowing associate, family member or
    supporter of every last one of them shares in their cowardice and
    culpability until they give them in or report them or any information to
    the police or to Crimestoppers at 800-8477.
  1. Those who are courageous enough to
    give themselves up to the authorities and have a desire to make
    restitution should be given every assistance to do so. Then and only then
    should they be restored to any affection from their associates or family
    members, or assured of the forgiveness of the wider community.
  1. We call upon the whole community to
    pray constantly to the Lord for the necessary change of heart by the small
    number of persons and their supporters who have disrupted the community,
    until there is indeed the desired change.
  1. We call upon the community and the
    authorities to exercise greater vigilance on insisting upon the good order
    of students in all our schools in matters of behaviour, academic and
    vocational striving, and dress both in and outside the school campuses.
  1. We call upon the parents and
    guardians of our families to regain control over and the respect of every
    family member, and to seek assistance from the wider community when that
    becomes necessary.
  1. We call upon the authorities to
    institute curfews and states of emergency whenever necessary to restore
    the tranquillity of the community, without fear of unpopularity from any
  1. We call for the churches and
    associated persons to provide ministries of forgiveness and restoration to
    those who have made admission and amends to the best of their ability.
  1. The Pastors of the CMA continue to
    make themselves available to minister to all who desire to experience the
    life changing power of the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

May the Lord of
all history guide and protect all that He has “founded upon the seas”.


19 March 2010