Flag kids mix and match

Youth flag football continues at Camana Bay this weekend.

From roughly 9am to 3pm youngsters
7-17 years-old take to the football field in search of pigskin glory.

This weekend’s games are the fourth
week of competitive games in The Security Centre Youth Flag Football League.

With backing from the Cayman
Islands Flag Football Association, the league has been graced by many stars
from the men’s and women’s adult leagues who serve as coaches.

However one thing this reporter has
picked up on is the presence of star talent on the field.

Names like Jordan Cacho (known for
his play in the youth basketball leagues), Mack Moser and Dylan Bostock (both
are stars in youth roller hockey) come to mind.

It’s natural for youngsters to
drift between various disciplines and the fact that the league sees a good
amount of athletes speaks to its popularity.

As league official Chris Moser
states the biggest concern is safe-guarding the kids.

“A lot of the kids we see do a lot
of other sports like hockey, baseball and soccer throughout the year. I think
kids are quite lucky to have all of those sports available to them to play.

“There have not been any issues
going from one to the other for most kids. With that being said we’re making a
concerted effort this year to keep the kids hydrated.”