Most people staying home for Easter

Only 65 of 401 respondents (16.2
per cent) to the last week’s online poll said they are going off
island for the Easter holiday.

The figure marks a large reduction
compared to three years ago, when a similar poll indicated that 30.5 per cent
of the respondents intended to go off island for Easter.

This year, the largest segment of
respondents – 245 people or 61.1 per cent – said they were staying home for the
upcoming holiday, significantly more than the 40.1 per cent that said they were
staying home for Easter in 2007.

wish I could enjoy the holiday weekend, but I have not had a job for four months
now and I can barely afford to eat, much less have the luxury of a holiday weekend,”
said one person.

costs too much to go for just a weekend anymore,” said someone else. “Plus, it’s
such a hassle to travel that it’s just not worth it to me for a short jaunt.
Why not enjoy everything Cayman has to offer instead?”

just staying home,” said another respondent. “I have no extra money after
Paloma. I will go to sunrise service by the sea and thank God for my blessings.”

can’t afford any luxuries like a holiday this year,” said someone else. “I’ve
taken a part-time job to supplement my income so I hope I’ll be working for the

other people said they were staying home because they’d be working over the

serve tourists, so we’re working,” said one person.

29 people (7.2 per cent) said they were going somewhere away from home in the
Cayman Islands for the Easter weekend.

time is my ‘staycation’,” said one person.

going on a Reef Resort staycation,” said someone else. “I can’t wait.”

Kai,” said another respondent.

people (5.5 per cent) said they were going camping for Easter, much fewer than
the 12.3 per cent of respondents who said they would camp in 2007.

is traditional in Cayman,” said one person.

Cayman Islands is getting too dangerous to go camping,” said someone else who
was staying home instead. “It’s not like it used to be.”

live on the Brac,” said someone who plans to camp there for the holiday. “The
Brac is still the best place for Easter.”

40 respondents (9.98 per cent) said they were not sure yet what they’d be doing
for Easter.

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you think Cayman’s population numbers should do?

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