Bring the colours of the garden into your home

(ARA) Use the garden as your inspiration when you are thinking of redecorating.

From the saturated colours of fresh fruits and flowers to the neutral hues of pavers and fountains, the promise of new spring gardens can provide an endless source of decorating inspiration.

In fact, styling a home is much like planting a garden: Begin with a base colour, then add pops of lively hues to complement the space. Reminiscent of violets in the garden, try purple vases on the fireplace mantel. Finally, add accents such as a green rug, as if there were freshly cut blades of grass underfoot.

Do not be afraid to use exuberant combinations like bright tangerine orange with sunny yellow – exactly what you would find in a springtime garden bouquet.

Using fabrics with botanical motifs is another way to reflect the cheery mood of  the garden. Furniture upholstery, pillows and curtains can interweave organic elements into the home.

Experimenting with muted, natural colours is another twist on garden-style decorating. For example, the Treasured palette from the Today’s Colours collection includes neutrals reminiscent of vintage, glazed pottery. Accent a room with an understated coral, yellow or green to give a home the feeling it has been well-loved for generations.

Relaxed neutrals are often at the centre of nature’s palettes. Mixing in weathered browns or desert tans can add comfort and provide a serene backdrop for favourite souvenirs or more energized colours, around the home.

To really bring a room to life, bring things that are living and growing into it; whether it be a beautiful orchid plant, magnolia leaves or a giant bowl of Granny Smith apples.