Jamaicans always slam for fun

Like other sports dominos has its
fair share of personalities. Two of them were on display recently at the Mango

Loretta Francis is a member of the
Island All Stars Domino Club and was part of the Cayman select team that hosted
a Jamaican select team for a two-day tournament.

Though Jamaica won both match-days by over
20 points Francis still enjoyed having them on-island.

“The Jamaicans loved it and they
enjoy coming here,” Francis said. “We enjoy playing them also. Dominos in
Cayman doesn’t have much variety so it’s nice to invite other teams. Hopefully
we play them better over Easter.”

Among the visiting players she
encountered was Lewis “Lala” Suckoo. Like many of his cohorts, his style of
play can be quite loud and emotional. How he got his nickname is unclear but he
didn’t play too nutty or girly.

In fact he kept his composure well
and walked away with a most valuable trophy for his efforts.

Suckoo, 40, was wearing a World Championship
of Dominos t-shirt and gave some insight into his background in dominos.

“I’ve been on a Jamaican team the
past 25 years. I’ve been playing dominos from time I was 13/14 years-old. I’ve
been to Cayman roughly seven times and every year I play them and I’m treated
very well.

“I didn’t buy this shirt you see
here, I earned it. I’ve been to the world championships a number of times. The
last time was in 2006 at the Half Moon hotel in Montego

Cayman has taken on Jamaica in the tournament,
one of the biggest in local dominos, for years. Francis knows that fact well as
a Cayman resident for over a decade and as a dominos aficionado the last 20

A member of the Island All Stars
the last six years, the mature woman says she loves dominos and sports in general.

“I’ve been playing dominos for 20
odd years. I’ve been a referee, a judge and a player so I’ve gotten into it in
all phases. I used to play netball, cricket and softball. I’ve always been into
lots of sports.

“Right now I participate in just
dominos. I got injured in cricket and I wanted to do something less stressful
so I decided on dominos.”