Today’s Editorial for March 29: Home for the holidays

Based on the responses to a recent online poll, it seems a lot more people are staying home for the
Easter holidays than usual.

In fact, our poll showed that of
the people who had already decided what they are doing this coming weekend,
more than two-thirds said they were staying home. Only about 16 per cent of the
respondents said they were going off island.

Certainly the economy has a lot to
do with why people are staying put. Many people just don’t have the extra cash
to travel for a long weekend.

Travelling has also become much less
enjoyable these days, with all the airport security hassles, strict baggage
weight limits and extra costs.

Whatever the reasons, for those
that are staying home, why not make the best of it? Despite all of Cayman’s challenges,
there are millions of people who would love to come to the Cayman Islands, if
only for a four-day weekend.

A good number of our poll
respondents said they planned to either camp or go somewhere else in the Cayman
Islands for a little ‘staycation’. But even that could cost a little more than what
some people have extra right now.

But there’s no reason most people
cannot plan on some low-or-no-cost activity during the upcoming holiday,
whether it is a barbecue at the beach, at one of the parks or even in the
backyard with friends.

Get in or on the ocean; do some
diving, snorkelling or a little fishing. Get outside, even if only for a long
walk, and enjoy the last of the cooler, dryer weather because rainy season will
soon be here.

Visit friends, play some dominoes,
have some laughs. It’s important during times like these to socialise with
friends who understand.

Rather than complain that you can’t
go away this weekend, celebrate that you live in a wonderful place, even if
things aren’t so good right now. Being home for the holidays really isn’t so
bad at all.