Students check out broadcasting

Saxon Investment Club students at John
Gray and St. Ignatius recently received surprise visits from radio hosts Preston
Onfroy of HOT 104.1
and Matt Nasby of X107.1.

Over the course of the last five
months, Saxon has spearheaded an investment club for year 10 to 12 high school
students, mentoring them about savvy investment practices and enticing them
with a competition, boasting a grand prize of $3,000.

During the first two weeks of March
the radio hosts visited the schools to teach students the tricks of the
broadcasting trade as well encouraging them to continue to champion the ins and
outs of investment strategies.

 “The students very much appreciated their
visit, injecting heightened excitement as they continue on the path of conquering
the investment world,” said CEO of Saxon Brian Williams.

“They sought to further encourage
the students about their participation in the invaluable programme and the
potential for the future to become business owners – and more than anything,
owners of their future.”

As names and voices familiar to
many, Preston and Nasby’s visits were well received as the students shared
their experiences and the insight they have learned from the club.

In turn, the radio personalities
shared their wisdom about the business world and further motivated the students
to learn about the broadcasting industry. The students had the opportunity to
practice their radio skills speaking into the microphone and learning about broadcasting

 “We tried to twist their arm and convince them
to jump on the bandwagon and become broadcasters,” said Mr. Onfroy.

“Minimally, even if they don’t
choose to pursue a career in broadcasting, they have the insight to invest in
companies that make broadcasting equipment!”

Continuing to lead the race and
perform exceedingly well, St. Ignatius Five Star closed the month with the
highest return on investment to date, 8.3 per cent, followed closely by St.
Ignatius Shantastic Krew with a 6.8 per cent ROI. This month the students
enjoyed their most impressive month with group portfolio performance varying
between -1.5 per cent and 8.3 per cent.


John Gray students of Saxon Investment Club enjoyed HOT 104.1 Radio Personality Preston’s visit to their school to share his insight and practice interviewing skills.
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