Evangelist Williams a woman of God

 Oftentimes we
resist the pain and struggles that pervade our lives, not knowing that whilst
it is God’s perfect will that creation should not suffer hurt, He has many
times shown His sovereign power by utilising the fact that pain and sin are
here to teach us that He can turn every bad situation into a blessing.

History will
show that the church grew like wildfire under much persecution but prolonged
unhindered prosperity oftentimes brings laziness and little or no productivity.
It is indeed through the fire of pain and persecution that we are purified and
God brings out the best in us.

Shirley Williams has had her fair share of heartaches and pain, but through it
all came her inspirational debut album titled Breakthrough! The album was
produced in Jamaica at Katsjam Recording Studio and was released in 2007.  The titles of some of the tracks on the album
are clearly suggestive of the storms that God had brought her through up to the
time of the making of the album. Tracks include I Won’t Let Go, For All That
You Have Done, A Double Portion and Breakthrough.

Like the
Prophet Moses, Shirley was reluctant to enter the ministry, citing shyness as
her impediment, as Moses had complained to God of his speech disorder. However,
she eventually conceded and has not looked back. Since embarking on her
ministry, she has rubbed shoulders with men and women of God in the highest
order. Her album has been aired on radio stations throughout the Caribbean,
Canada, America and the United Kingdom. 
In Cayman she has enjoyed extensive air-plays on Radio Cayman, Hot
104.1FM, Heaven 97 and Gospel 88.7FM.

Shirley is
managed by her husband Cecilval Williams who himself is a musician and can be
reached at 326-9698 or [email protected] for bookings.  Cecilval lives and
works on Grand Cayman so Shirley divides her time between Jamaica and the Cayman
Islands. They have a child between them, a little beauty named Sher-Val.

Four years on,
her successful debut album is well over due for a follow-up or a hot,
inspirational single. Up to press time, Big Tune was not able to get a hold of
management to ascertain further information on whether or not this issue was
being addressed. Still, by all indications, Evangelist Shirley Williams’ ministry
remains vibrant and blessed as she continues to spread the wonderful news of
life and more abundant life that God promised to all who believe in and love
His Son, Jesus Christ.

Man’s extremity
is God’s opportunity, so next time you go through pain, know this, that God is
about to show up again. Don’t get discouraged and disheveled. God is about to
take you to another level.

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