Local records still falling at Breakers

A month has barely passed and
already Breakers has seen more changes to its record books.

Two Saturdays ago two racers etched
their names further in local racing lore with some epic practice runs at the

Sammy Jackson remains the fastest
local driver though he lowered his time by over 0.183s. Dante “Ross” Hydes
meanwhile is the fastest bike rider on the island and the only one in the five
second range.

Jackson powered his
top-secret white 2000 Chevrolet Camaro SS to a time of 5.792s at 120.3mph. That
time betters his previous best of 5.883s (which he set in the same car on
February 27).

Hydes meanwhile ran his trusty
white Honda CBR 1000 to a time of 5.944s at 123.6mph. The West Bay
native is the first Caymanian motorcycle racer to run the 1/8 mile strip in
five seconds.

Prior to Saturday’s run Hydes had
been consistently lowering his times at the track and was aiming to reach five

Both Hydes and Jackson are closing
rapidly on the top track records, which were set at the same international
event in January.

Jackson trails Jamaican driver Dean Shaw and Miami dragster Frank Muniz for the fastest
time overall at Breakers. Shaw ran a heavily modified white 1969 Chevy Camaro
to a time of 5.683s. Muniz ran 5.685s in a yellow Toyota Supra in September

Hydes meanwhile trails Miami dragster Victor Gotay
for the fastest motorcycle time. Gotay raced local bike enthusiast Chris
Moore’s Suzuki GSX-R1000 to a time of 5.882s.

Breakers Speedway owner Robert Campbell witnessed both
runs and felt both spoke to the strides Cayman racing is making at present.

He went on to say the next major
event, scheduled for May 15-16, will be a local meet and not be an
international event as previously planned due to logistical issues.