Most want little or no population change

About two-thirds of the respondents
to last week’s online poll want Cayman’s population to either
stay the same or to grow or shrink a little.

Of the 367 respondents to the poll,
81 of them (22 per cent) thought Cayman’s population should remain the same.

“I am of the
view that population growth needs to stay the same – large decreases or
increases would not bode well for the economy or the socioeconomic welfare of
the country,” said one person.

“Let the
infrastructure of the Island catch up to the population it serves,” said
someone else.

Almost the
same number of respondents – 80 people or 21.8 per cent – thought Cayman’s
population should grow a little.

“We rolled
over our traditional values and simple life when we caved to the US as an
offshore tax haven,” said one person. “Then we became greedy so we opened up
the doors and let people in so we can keep what we have going. Now some say
let’s kick them all out and start over. We can’t have it both ways and that’s
what we keep trying for.”

The exact same
number of respondents (80 people or 21.8 per cent) thought the population
should shrink a little.

“We need to
reduce the number of work permit holders and get most if not all of the
unemployed Caymanians working,” said one person. “Whether we admit it or not,
this upsurge in crime is directly linked to unemployment.”

people (15.8 per cent) thought the population needed to shrink a lot.

“We need to
get back to a manageable number of people that the Island can support,” said
one respondent.

“The type of
population that needs to shrink is the non-Caymanians because Caymanians are outnumbered
in their own country,” said another person.

“Before we had
so much expats here we had a better country,” said someone else.

“It’s always
been said that cheap labour is the destruction of a country,” said another

Another 53
people (14.4 per cent) thought the population needed to grow a lot and 15
people (four per cent) responded “I don’t know” to the question.

Next week’s poll question:

 On a long-term
basis, where do you think the cargo port should be located?

where it is now

Somewhere else
in George Town Harbour

In the
Eastern Districts

in the North Sound


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  1. What jobs are there going to be for Caymanians if the population is not of a certain number to sustain businesses and their continued investment to allow themn to employ Caymanians. We need steady population growth and ex pats to contunue both the lifestyle to which we all have become accustomed and to the diversity of job opportunities – for all.

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