Sammy’s big engine Camaro ready to haul

If there has been any hesitation of
racing at Breakers Speedway it seems now is the time to dispel that.

With record times being posted on a
regular basis the track is prepped and ready for action. In fact locals have
another crack at the record books this weekend.

This Saturday April 10 sees the
first race of a drag series proposed by the Cayman Motorsports Association.

Racing is slated to get under way
at 6pm with cars separated into various classes. First and second place prizes
are on offer for each category and there is a CI$5 fee for spectators.

Much focus will be on Sammy Jackson
and his top-secret white 2000 Chevy Camaro SS. Jackson ran the Camaro to a time
of 5.792s at 120.3mph.

That time betters his previous best
of 5.883s (which he set in the same car on February 27). There initially was
some confusion as to whether the Camaro did that time or his GMC Sierra truck
(which he had previously used to race at Breakers). In regards to the truck Jackson says simply that
it was bought for towing.

Nevertheless Jackson is officially the fastest local
driver in Cayman with the Camaro standing tall above all others on four wheels.

Jackson is not far
off the top track records, which were set at the same international event in

Jackson trails Jamaican driver Dean Shaw and Miami dragster Frank Muniz for the fastest
times overall at Breakers. Shaw ran a heavily modified white 1969 Chevy Camaro
to a time of 5.683s. Muniz ran 5.685s in a yellow Toyota Supra in September

As one might expect Sammy’s Camaro
is far from stock. The engine is a 565 cubic inch, naturally aspirated
Chevrolet big block motor capable of 1005hp.

The ride, which Jackson readily says was built here in Cayman
over the last few years, also has a TH400 three-speed automatic transmission
(noted for its durability and strength in drag racing).

Speaking earlier in the year after
his first epic run Jackson
was quick to say he’s not content with the car’s performance now.

“I’m not settling for breaking the
local record,” Jackson
said. “I know I can better it and I know a couple of guys are ready to do my
time too.

“For example Dail (Davis) and Jody
(Jervis) are both capable of sub-six second passes. I’m ready and expecting a
full assault on the track record and we’ll see who is the king of the hill for
the Cayman drivers.”

For the record Dante “Ross” Hydes
is the fastest Caymanian on two wheels. On March 27 Hydes ran his trusty white
Honda CBR 1000 to a time of 5.944s at 123.6mph. The West Bay
native is the first Caymanian motorcycle racer to run the 1/8 mile strip in
five seconds.

Prior to that run Hydes had been
consistently lowering his times at the track and was aiming to reach five

Hydes trails only Miami dragster Victor Gotay for the fastest
motorcycle time at Breakers. Gotay raced local bike enthusiast Chris Moore’s Suzuki
GSX-R1000 to a time of 5.882s at the international drag meet this January.