One man’s plan to help Cayman

Howard Ron Rivers wants to help and
he wants the people of Cayman to help him do it.

He plans to launch a non-profit
organisation that he hopes will attract volunteers and funding that will make
life easier for those within society who are struggling.

Red tape, bureaucratic wrangling,
complicated forms and a sometimes baffling social services system make it hard
for people to get help, he said.

He believes there are plenty of
people in the community who are ready, willing and able to help others, if they
only had an avenue through which to do it.

That’s where Rescue comes in.

“It’s a new organisation to help
people in any way they need help and for those who are having difficulty
getting help. It may be as simple as helping them get counselling for their
children, giving them food, advising them about problems with their jobs, maybe
help them get a loan or find housing,” said Mr. Rivers.

“A lot of things that you need to
do in this country involve red tape,” he said, adding that if people had an
organisation to help them work their way through that red tape, they might be
more willing to come forward and seek help.

And by members of the community
pitching in to offer their expertise, advice, money and experience, this would
free up some government services and help save money in the public purse, he

He said he hoped that the community
would pull together  at this time of
recession, rising crime and cuts in government spending to help safeguard, protect
and help those in society who are most in need.

“We need to make a safety net to
catch everyone,” he said.

He wants Rescue to be a
one-stop-shop to help people get back on their feet.

He explained that he had wanted to
set something up for a long time to help others, but was galvanised to do it
recently when he was turned down for housing assistance by the social services
in Cayman.

He lost an eye when he was
assaulted two years ago and is registered as disabled. “According to medical
doctors, I’m disabled and only able to do a little bit of light work,” he said.

“When my application was denied, I
knew others were having the same difficulties. I decided the time was right to
do something about this now,” he said.

He also wants Rescue to be a voice
for the people and said he plans to organise petition that address the rights
of the community

Throughout last week, he approached
media outlets to help him publicise his idea, in the hopes that people would be
inspired to come forward and offer their services and help him establish the
charity, on which he plans to set up a management committee.

However, Mr. Rivers has some red
tape of his own to deal with before he can begin fundraising to help others –
registering Rescue as an official charity.


Mr. Rivers