First dolphin born in captivity in Cayman dies


The first dolphin born in captivity
in Cayman has died at Dolphin Discovery, according to the facility’s

Juan Franco said the nine-month-old
dolphin, named Angela, was found dead in her tank by handlers on Tuesday

“From the necropsy, it looks like
she died of natural causes,” Mr. Franco said, adding that samples from the dead
dolphin would be sent overseas for a pathologist to check.

He said the death was unexpected
and sudden, although the young dolphin had appeared ill on Monday night.

Mr. Franco said this was the first
dolphin to die at the facility since it opened in December 2008.

Angela was born at the park in West
Bay on 29 July to Allegria, becoming the first bottle nose dolphin born in
captivity in the Cayman Islands.

Mr. Franco said none of the other
dolphins at the facility appeared to be ill.

Cayman has two dolphinaria –
Dolphin Discovery and Dolphin Cove, both based in West Bay.


A picture of the baby bottle nose dolphin, Angela, taken with its mother, Allegria, at Dolphin Discovery Park last year.
Photo: File


  1. How can a 9 month old baby die of natural causes, that just means you don’t know what killed her. And you better figure it out. Dolphins shouldn’t be here in captavity any way. So I see alot more dying. Release them back into the wild.. Release them all!

  2. What a load of BS. Would you say a human baby who died at 9 months died of “Natural Causes???” How stupid does Mr. Franco think people are? And that a 9-month old dolphin’s death was “Sudden & Unexpected” Duhhhh. It’s bad enough we have one dolphinarium — but 2 is outrageous

  3. Wow, I didnt’ know cayman has so many marine biologists, with opinions!

    PS. I wonder what everyone says, when a blue iguana dies in captivity? I guess that’s different? After all, aren’t they captured for breeding? 8)

    LOL…too easy.

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