Tiger’s nasty roar

Tiger Woods claimed he was a
reformed character but he let rip with an astonishing foul-mouthed blast to
leave Masters fans stunned.

The World No 1, making his first
competitive appearance since his sex scandal, used a four-letter obscenity and
screamed ‘Tiger Woods, you suck – goddamn it’.

The incident happened at the sixth
hole in the third round when a poor shot cost him a bogey.

And it appeared to undermine Woods’
claims of being ‘a different, better man’ after spending time in rehab.

CBS commentator Verne Lundquist
apologised to American TV viewers, and said: “I don’t think he’s too

Not for the first time, Woods was
in denial when he was asked about the incident.

He said: “Did I? If I did,
then I’m sorry.”

The galleries were a lot cooler
towards the four-times champion after his outburst and, as he approached the
eighth tee, one spectator yelled: “Hey Tiger, for a guy who is supposed to
be cleaning up his act, you DO suck.”

Until then, Woods, 34, had been
enjoying remarkable support at the Masters.

He had vowed to clean up his act on
the course as well as off it as long ago as February, when he made his first
public statement since being exposed as a serial adulterer.

He said: “When I do return, I
need to make my behaviour more respectful of the game.”

After charming the
fans with handshakes, knuckle-rubs and thankyous all round for his warm reception
during the practice rounds, he insisted the way he conducted himself was more
important than adding to his 14 Majors.