Minor quakes hit Cayman

A pair of earthquakes that measured below magnitude-5 impacted areas of the Caribbean south of Grand Cayman Saturday night. 

The first, a magnitude-4.8 occurred around 8.30pm Saturday, according to the US Geological Survey. The shaker was about 94 miles south of George Town with a depth of 6.2 miles.

About two hours later, a magnitude-4.5 quake hit about 85 miles south-south west of George Town. It’s depth was also reported at 6.2 miles.

No damage was reported on Grand Cayman from either of the events.

Saturday’s earthquakes were the third and fourth to occur in the vicinity of Grand Cayman so far this month.

All four have occurred in the same general area.

A magnitude-5 earthquake was registered on 5 April about 95 miles south of George Town at 2.29 am.

The US Geological Survey recorded the quake at 6.2 miles deep.

This quake came on after a magnitude-4.2 earthquake was registered by the US Geological Survey Saturday evening, 3 April about 65 miles south of George Town.

According to data from the USGS, that quake struck around 6:10pm Cayman Islands time. No damage was reported, but Cayman Islands residents did feel some tremors.

The 3 April quake was reported at a depth of 6.2 miles.


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