Tap into your child’s musical talent

 Parents have never had a wider choice of after-school activities for their children than they do now in the Cayman Islands.

Whether their kids are budding dancers, singers, artists or musicians – or just need some extra tutorial help after school – options abound.

To tap into your child’s music talents, the recently opened Cayman Music School offers classes in a variety of instruments, including piano, violin, guitar, flute – and if your ears can take it – drums.

Children can take the lessons simply for their own enjoyment, or to prepare for international grade exams and performance certificates. There are also classes for adults, so mums can learn to strum a guitar like Eddie Van Halen while their offspring practises chopsticks or Beethoven on the piano next door.

Inna Kazakova, head teacher at the Cayman Music School said the school provides comprehensive music education to children and adults of all levels and ages, starting from age 4.

“It is very important for the musician to study not only an instrument but all aspects of music – theory, history, music reading, composition, appreciation and music technology.

“The more music activities the students are involved in, the more chances they have to become successful, well-rounded musicians,” Ms Kazakova said.

To this end, the school also offer private and group lessons in music theory, music appreciation, ear training and solfege (sight reading music), composition and singing.

At the school, students learn to read and notate music, create compositions using traditional writing methods as well as music making computer programme and exercise critical thinking by listening and analysing the masterworks of great composers.

“There is a lot of talent in Cayman Islands,” said Irina McField, owner of the school, adding that the school’s goal is to discover the island’s talent and develop musical potential.

“All young people should have a music experience and opportunity to specialise from an early age,” she said.

At the school, students can learn how to play piano, violin, guitar, flute, and drums, with future programmes including strings and saxophone, jazz singing and jazz improvisation.

The after-school programmes are available from 3pm to 6.30pm.

Throughout the school years, students will also get to perform as the school organises recitals and concerts and some will be entered in the annual National Children Festival of Arts.

For more information, visit caymanmusicschool.com