Second place up for grabs

For the last two seasons the top
two teams in local adult roller hockey was an afterthought.

Now the CDMS Islanders are on the
verge of breaking up the stranglehold enjoyed by the Budget Beavers and the
MEPCO High Rollers.

The Islanders take on the High
Rollers on Tuesday night at 9pm on the WestTel arena of Kings Sports Centre.

CDMS come into the match with a 4-4
record while MEPCO are just a game ahead at 4-3. With just two games left in the
regular season their match could determine second place in the standings.

The Islanders hope to emulate their
performance in its third game of the season when it beat MEPCO 10-9. Two big reasons
for that win were the play of Ben Rivard and Nigel Windsor.

Rivard had four goals in that game
and helped line-mate Pete Holowchuk nab three points. Windsor held his own in goal to pull off 36

MEPCO meanwhile hope to replicate
its last showing against CDMS on March 30. The High Rollers won 8-5 as goalie
John Cowan made 33 saves and Eric Mildenberger had three goals and an assist.

Top-ranked Budget is also in action
at 8pm against the Barracudas. With just one loss so far, the Beavers are
essentially one win away from wrapping up the regular season championship.