FAST and flexible schedule for all

Like super heroes fighting to rid
the world of bad guys, the bulletmen will don their protective gear again next
week for another round of self-defence instruction.

Fast Adrenal Stress Training moves
to a midweek slot and many who can’t make it at the weekend are thankful of a
chance to learn the innovative style.

FAST Defence will be teaching a
seminar at Fitness Connection on Thursday 29 April from 5:30-8pm.

“We have been receiving requests to
host a seminar during the week at night,” instructor Bob Daigle said. “Not
everyone is available on a Saturday morning. Our main goal with this course is
to help you to avoid conflict.

“If you feel confident in yourself
you will have better control of your emotions when confronted by an angry

“Our goal is for you stay calm and use
your intellect to end the situation non-violently. We also teach the most
effective self-defence techniques available today.

“This program was voted ‘The Best
Self Defence Programme in the industry’ by Black Belt Magazine. The physical
skills taught in this seminar could save your life.

“Utilizing state of art body armour
(bulletman suits) and our unique training methodology we create some of the
most realistic training conditions available anywhere.”

It’s true. Hundreds have benefited
from FAST Defense seminars since they were introduced in Cayman a year ago.

One glowing testimonial comes from
Sian, who said: “I had heard about the Fast Defense course through the local
newspaper and via word of mouth from friends who recommended it.

“Having unexpectedly frozen in an
uncomfortable situation one evening, when approached by an unknown male, I
didn’t ever want to be in that situation again, which is why I wished to attend
the course.

“I entered the course with an open
mind. Having said that, I think I was surprised and very happy with the fact
that we were all physically active very quickly.

“This course was definitely participation
based, with very little sitting around.

“From a gentle but important start
about realizing our right to our own space and comfort level within that space
and how to politely but firmly avoid ‘trespassers’ into that space, all the way
through to shouting at the tops of our voices, whilst aggressively defending
ourselves against (padded) assailants, out to harm us, we were encouraged,
critiqued, and rewarded with a sense of having achieved something of great

“I think it’s important to note how
very simple and effective the course was. We didn’t have to memorize a load of
fancy stances – quite the contrary.

“It was very much about reacting
quickly and effectively to completely unexpected scenarios. It was fabulous to
watch the more timid and slightly built participants grow in voice and

“Thank you to the whole team, who
really did work with us, rather than lecture at us. I recommend this course to
anyone wishing to safeguard themselves and their loved ones.”

To book and for more information,
contact Bob Daigle: 952-6546 or [email protected]