Grizz tries for net coverage

Cayman Rugby Union is currently
working on the launch of its internet TV channel, enabling viewers from
anywhere in the world to see matches from the club at South Sound.

Tested for the first time last
month for the final round of the PSM Security Alex Alexander memorial Cup and
the X107 National Women V MIT match, the channel was a big success with well
over 100 viewers from around the region and world.

The channel is set for its full
launch for the Conyers Youth Challenge Cup on 1-2 May which will see arguably
the biggest day of international Test match rugby ever held on Cayman soil as
Cayman will face Bermuda at Under-10, U12, U14, U16 and men all in full international
matches on 2 May as well as the X107 women in an exhibition match.

Director of rugby Richard ‘Grizz’
Adams said: “We are anticipating a huge audience in the tens of thousands for
this day from around the whole region.

“The channel will stream live
action from the SSG each Saturday and through the week covering school,
community, youth, men, women and touch tournament game as well as a host of
chat shows and discussions about the game and its development on the Cayman

“There is also a chance that the
channel will show other games from around the region.”

The Project is the culmination of
two years of work between ITOutsource Ltd, their partners and the Cayman Rugby

Adams added: “Two years ago we held
the kick off tournament for the Rugby World Cup 2011 right here and we streamed
the action worldwide to over 75 countries and thousands of viewers.

“It was a massive success but it
came with a massive bill at the end. I have stayed in contact with the boys at
ITOutsource and their partners over the months and they have now developed a
package that is far more reasonable in terms of costs and allows far more to be
done on the stream to make it a true television experience.

“The finished product will be very
similar to an MSN type of feed and allows us to offer excellent marketing packages
to companies interested in marketing locally, regionally and globally something
we have not been able to do before now at fantastically cheap rates.

“The Facebook and Twitter links to
the site are already in the hundreds and up to now all we have done is publish
the page and run a test stream without any type of overlay effects etc so we
are very confident that the project will draw plenty of attention.

“All said and done between us we
will have invested well over $100,000 to get this whole thing running so it is
not the type of project that everyone will be able to afford.

“We still need to build the studio
and a few other projects but we are confident that we can get there in time for

After it was confirmed that rugby
sevens was once again in the 2016 Olympic Games last October, the Cayman Rugby
Union decided to encompass Olympic preparation programmes along with its
existing programmes – despite the extra expense.

The result was quite staggering
with the development costs of the programmes quadrupling.

Faced with a massive increase in
programme costs in the middle of the financial crisis and determined not to cut
back but to try and take opportunities to deliver its programmes the CRFU and Adams
seized the opportunity offered by ITOutsource to launch the TV channel and the
possibility to generate new funds through new marketing initiatives.

Representatives from the CRFU are
travelling island wide asking establishments to air the live feed of rugby on 2
May and the Conyers Youth Challenge Cup.

Adams said: “This project is five
fold in intention; anyone will be able to log onto the page anywhere in the
world and see what a great island we have here and that should help sports
tourism and specifically get more teams here to play us at all ages and levels.

“People can see what the standard
of rugby here is like as well as all of the age categories and competitions.

“Caymanians will be able to watch
their friends and relatives play the sport on the internet. It is a chance for
us to explain to Caymanians island wide the rules of the game and just what a
great sport it is and just how much the players enjoy it and lastly it is an
opportunity for us to generate some new funds through marketing.’

There is still lots of work to be
done but on 2 May all you will need is a hardwired internet connection, a
computer and to be able to log onto the webpage click on channels
and select SSG Live.