Swordfish Challenge produced big fish

Swordfish anglers had a good time
this month thanks to a number of big catches reeled in.

The weekend of April 10-12 saw the
third annual Cayman Swordfish Challenge. Some 13 boats and about 52 anglers
took to the seas around Cayman in search of big fish.

Fishing took place during the
night-time (keeping with traditional methods of swordfish hunting) and after a
bait and tackle rigging session at Kirk Marine on Thursday April 9.

Seven anglers made catches during
the tournament. The biggest catch was 169.2lbs by angler Des Francis aboard the
Tube II boat. Charles Ebanks had the second-biggest catch at 142.13lbs aboard
Run Tings and crew mate Shelley Ware had the third biggest at 139.3lbs.

The other four notable catches were
by Nicholas Elliott of Silver Fox at 94.8lbs, Dawson Wright of Arcturus at
71.2lbs, Tom Guyton of More Time at 64.8lbs (he was the lone angler fishing in
Cayman Brac) and Curtis White of Miss Nicole at 63.13lbs.

For their efforts all made off with
substantial cash prizes (a total of CI$19,000 was on offer). Of the lot Francis
strolled off with CI$6,000 in winnings as he nabbed $1000 for the single
heaviest fish, an additional $3000 for having the second heaviest total weight
of fish caught and $2000 for the heaviest fish on the second evening of the competition.

Charles Ebanks made close to
CI$10,000 based on his form on the first evening of the tournament. More on
that will come out in a follow-up article.

Each prize went a long way towards
offsetting the initial registration fee of CI$500 per boat.

All of the prizes were made
possible by the sponsors: Flowers Group, Cayman Airways, Ministry of Tourism,
Kirk Group and the Ramada resort. The supporters were Fiderus and BB and P.

Tournament organizer Clarence
“King” Flowers felt on the whole the competition was a success.

“I’m pleased with the turnout,”
Flowers said. “Thirteen crews were out there and seven fish were caught during
the tournament. Five fish were reeled in the first night and two on the second

“A lot more fish were hooked but
didn’t make it to the weigh station. The energy was phenomenal. We were there
until middle night on the first day.”