About half want cargo dock moved

Most say leave it alone

Almost half the respondents to last
week’s caycompass.com online poll want to see, on a long-term basis, the cargo
port moved to another part of the island, either in the Eastern Districts or
somewhere in the North Sound.

However, the largest segment of
respondents – 141 people or 37.5 per cent – would rather see the port stay
right where it is now in George Town Harbour.

“The cargo port
is in the perfect location,” said one person. “The money could be used for many
other things, for example beautifying the Spotts cruise ship stop with plants
and trees.”

“Why mess up
somewhere else when the harbour is already destroyed beyond belief,” said someone
else. “You would have to see the destruction for yourself to understand.”

Nearly as many
respondents – 134 people or 35.6 per cent – said they thought the cargo port
should be l in the Eastern Districts.

“Having it in
George Town Harbour just isn’t going to be the long-term answer,” said one
person. “Of course, the only way it would work in the Eastern Districts is if
the East-West Arterial road is built all the way out there.” 

“Bodden Town
is close and has areas where only a small quantity of reef would be disturbed,”
said someone else. “It would keep the transport traffic out of downtown, and
the site would help the infrastructure of the area develop.”

 Forty-nine people (13 per cent) thought the
cargo port should be moved somewhere in the North Sound.

“Tourists do
not come here for more development; they come here for the Island feel,” said
one respondent.

Only 37 people
(9.8 per cent) supported the idea of moving the cargo port somewhere else in
George Town Harbour, as was proposed by the previous People’s Progressive
Movement Government.

“The central
shopping tourist arrival and the cargo terminal do not go together,” said one
person. “It is an eyesore. Realistically George Town bay is the only practical
berthing area for weather considerations. The cargo dock site north of central
George Town… is probably best.”

Fifteen people
(4 per cent) responded ‘other’ to the question.

“I think we
need assessments of the various options and actual projections of future cargo
levels before we can make informed decisions,” said one person. “Surveys like
this, where answers are based on barely informed opinions, is why we keep going
from pillar to post on port issues.”

respondent suggested Spotts as a possible location for the cargo dock. Some
else suggested the industrial park, although he or she didn’t explain how ships
would get into the industrial park.

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“I think we
need assessments of the various options and actual projections of future cargo
levels before we can make informed decisions.” – Poll respondent