Kelly’s slam Brackers

Kelly’s All Stars domino team had a
strong showing during its recent games in Cayman Brac.

Kelly’s Rainbow Bar took victories
over team Corner Pocket, team Helium and the Cayman Brac select team at the
Coral Isle club.

In its first match against the
Cayman Brac team, Kelly’s showcased the level of adrenaline that carried the
side through a weekend of domino rivalries.

The center of the triple triumph
was on Sunday with a number of close tense, matches. Kelly’s, spurred on by their
devoted fans, would eventually take down Corner Pocket before seasoned players
Dalvin Kelly and Leonard Bodden challenged the team with a motivational talk
and went directly on to take out Helium later in the night.

In performing the double triumph the
team made good on its promise prior to leaving Grand
Cayman to take Cayman Brac and the competition waiting for them
there by storm.

Edrick Vernon, public relations representative,
counts the team success to good clean sportsmanship, determination and a positive
team spirit.

As their community project this
month the team plans to join Vernon,
whose ulterior persona is DJ Frost, at the Batabano Float parade.

The next planned community activity
is taking part in the “Let’s Do Som’um Nah” peace march. Please keep the suggestions
coming for the community service projects for the district by calling Edrick Vernon
at 916-1163.