Around up of top children’s sites

From the Guinness World
Records  to a search engine designed for
children, from brilliant cartoons to fascinating facts, the following are some great
websites for children and a few that their parents might enjoy as well.

ever more websites for children appearing, parents need to carefully vet the
sites their children have access to.

list below includes a cross-section of ones that are entertaining and others that
are informative. As well as social networking sites for teenagers, there is
also a safe search engine; the list also includes a homework reference site.

Haring Kids

Wonderful interactive site by Keith
Haring, an artist who loved children – activities, stories, animations and an
addictive online colouring book.


Sound, straightforward and
well-judged advice for children and teenagers.

How Stuff Works

Engaging encyclopaedia of the
modern (and not so modern) world, with good illustrations and clear text.



Addictive series of Flash games
including the hypnotically soothing Boomshine.



Social networking for teens.

Cruel 2 B Kind

Like Assassins but you have to do
nice things to people.

Friction TV

A YouTube-style site for
campaigners. Make a short video and get your message across.

Mr. Men

Videos, games, stories and more
from 24 of Roger Hargreaves’ unbeatable creations.


Games, stories and updates on every
under-six’s essential viewing.


Play games, share your avatar,
download screensavers and catch up on your favourite cartoon characters at the
Mecca of TV cartoondom. Plus Nick Junior (, customised for


A gentle celebration of all things
Cat In The Hat.


Switch Zoo

From a calligator to a dogophant,
create crazy new animals online.

Guinness World Records

Searchable database of
record-breaking feats – but only some, of course, they still want you to buy
the book.

Innocent Kids

Great series of games and
activities from the smoothies people. Match the animal with its poo is
particularly engaging.

Cool Reads

Ten to 15-year-olds pick and review
their favourite books. More than 2,000 entries and growing.


From Brain Drains to Boredom
Busters, jokes, games and interesting factoids – with a little learning along
the way.

Top Marks

Well-designed and good fun
reference site for all those homework queries.

Ask Kids

Safe search engine for children.

Yahooligans! (

The ultimate kid-friendly search engine. Based on the popular adult Yahoo!
site, it is a safe place for children to look for information and has a great
list of age-appropriate reference