Grizz turns wrestler as stubborn dolphin flips

Richard “Grizz” Adams
has long been a steady and, at times, intimidating character in local rugby. Apparently
Grizz is just as fearsome in fishing.

Adams’ link to the sport came to the forefront this month after he caught
the biggest Dolphin in the recent Rooster Shootout fishing tournament.

Grizz literally wrestled a 54.05lb
catch out of Cayman’s waters aboard the boat titled “TopLess,” captained by Larry
Cayasso. Robert Puliusz was third with a 38.10lb catch. The result was Grizz
took away US$4,000 cash.

As Adams
states there was some damage to the boat from the scuffle.

“It was the hardest fight I’ve ever
had in my 10 years of fishing here,” Adams
said. “While fighting the fish the fibre-glass portion of the boat’s fighting
chair broke. What happened was the rod snapped back when I hooked him and I
quickly put my rod into another gimbal (a type of mount).

“After that the gimbal broke and
the chair broke off its base. I fought the last 10 minutes in a smaller chair
which was really hard especially as I’m a big man. In all it’ll take about
CI$1,000 to fix damages.”

Grizz has already given some of his
prize money to Cayasso which he says went into the boat.

“I’ve basically given the money
back to the boat,” Adams said. “I shared a
little bit with the help on the boat and from there covered the damages. It was
a great experience and it feels good to have caught the fish.”

For the record Grizz’s catch was four
pounds off the island mark of 58lbs. He has also been fishing with Cayasso for
years and says fishing is one of his greatest passions.

“I’ve been fishing with Larry for
years,” Adams said. “We’re great fans and he
is a big rugby club fan. I’ve competed in all the tournaments (I won a marlin
competition a few years back) and I had a 92lb Wahoo three years ago.

“I love the fishing scene. It’s so
relaxing taking a couple days out on the water. Outside of rugby I generally
fish on weekends and evenings. For me rugby comes first with fishing a close
second and golf third. I guess you could say I’m getting into a sport I can do
when I retire.”