Turtle meat is discounted

Cayman Turtle Farm has introduced new volume discounts on turtle meat that will
allow restaurants and residents the opportunity to purchase these local
delicacies at a lower price. The farm is offering a 25 per cent discount to
customers purchasing at least 20 pounds of meat products.

can be a mix of the products for example 10 pounds of stew, five pounds of
steak, plus five pounds of menavelin. This will result in the following volume
discounted selling prices: turtle stew will be $12 per pound, menavelin $9 per
pound, bones $4.50 per pound and turtle steak $20.25 per pound.

needing less than 20 pounds can continue to purchase at the regular selling
prices that remain in place.

customers can call the farm’s meat production chief Malachi Anglin at 925-8622
to place orders for turtle meat.