New DaVinci physiotherapist

Physiotherapist Dr. Amanda VanDyk
has joined the DaVinci Wellness Centre on West Bay Road.

Ms VanDyk started her career in
downtown Chicago, Illonois and received her Doctorate of Physiotherapy from
Ohio University in 2005, with a BS in exercise science, with psychology minor.

She has a passion for running,
yoga, volleyball, biking, and water sports, giving her a keen perspective into
problems experienced by her athletic clients.

She said her philosophy is to
achieve a quick recovery through manual rehabilitation and therapeutic
exercise, in order to return her clients to the activities.

Whether clients have had a sudden
accident or their bodies are stressed from improper posture, inactivity, or
poor ergonomics, Ms VanDyk says she can improve their lives through a quick

She utilises her skills in
orthopaedic assessment, manual therapy, running evaluation, vestibular rehab,
and McKenzie treatment techniques in order to restore, promote, and maintain
her clients’ wellbeing.

She treats a wide range of physical
impairments, including headaches, sports injuries, acute/chronic pain,
post-surgical rehab, fibromyalgia, arthritis, whiplash, TMJ disorders, and
postural imbalance.

The new physiotherapist also sees
clients who have not experienced accidents or traumatic events, but who have
noticed a gradual onset of pain caused by repetitive stressors, such as
physical and mental stress, faulty posture, repetitive motions, and bad

In addition to the orthopaedic impairments
she treats, Ms VanDyk has a specialty in vestibular disorders.

Her most commonly seen diagnosis is
called Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, a disorder of the inner ear, which
can hinder one’s daily activities. People with BPPV typically experience vertigo,
a spinning sensation brought on by changes in head position. 

Symptoms include vertigo,
dizziness, nausea, light-headedness, and imbalance and can be brought on by simply
getting out of bed, rolling over, tipping the head back, or quick head

The vertigo typically subsides
within one minute, however it can be very disabling.

Ms VanDyk diagnoses BPPV, and other
common vestibular/balance disorders using non-invasive testing. Many vestibular
and balance disorders can be effectively treated without the use of pharmacological
agents. In fact, she usually treats patients one to four times before they are
returned to their non-dizzy state. 

Ms VanDyk said her philosophy of
providing individualised services to promote her clients’ overall state of
wellness has helped thousands of people return to healthy lifestyles.