Large majority blame parents for kids’ inactivity

In one of the most lopsided online
polls on, about 85 per cent of the respondents blame parents the
most for Cayman’s children being so inactive.

Of the 566 respondents, 480 of them
(84.8 per cent) put the blame on parents.

“It’s not the kids that are lazy,
it’s the parents,” said one person.

is caused by parent’s sheer laziness,” said another respondent. “They are
setting a very poor example in lack of exercise, poor food choices, allowing
children to watch far too much television, off-loading all their responsibilities
and blaming the schools and government. Fat parents equal fat children.”

a combination of an increased sedentary lifestyle, processed quick-fix meals of which there has never
been so much choice, fast food outlets,television the Internet to name
just a few things.”

 “Children are a chip off the tree,” said another respondent.
“Parents need to lead by example and exercise.”

“This is a simple choice,” said
another respondent. “None
of the others are charged with the responsibility of raising children.
None of the others made the choice to have children. Parents can limit
television and restaurants, and can take a more active role in school life.”

The next highest segment of
respondents (31 people or 5.5 per cent) said television was most to blame,
while 27 people (4.8 per cent) blamed government most.

government is responsible because they are our leader, therefore the government
should be creative in providing better schools, better teachers and more fun
activities for kids,” said one respondent. “Parents are struggling with their
kids because there isn’t a lot of fun stuff to do in the Cayman Islands.”

it obvious that it’s the government?” said another person. “I mean, when you
look around, Cayman does not have too many attractions for the young people.”

people (2.8 per cent) blamed schools the most and 11 respondents (1.9 per cent)
thought others were to blame most.

games,” said one person.

heat,” said someone else.

one person blamed restaurants most for kid’s inactivity.

Next week’s online poll question:

do you think the government should do with the Government Office Accommodation

it to lessen the cash flow and debt ratio problems

it and pay off some debt

it and enter a lease-to-purchase agreement

it, even if it means delaying completion.


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  1. What came out of this report is that most adults do not do 5 hours of physical activity a week!
    Yet we are so quick to condem the children for doing likewise. We should lead by example. I go to the gym 4 and 5 times a week, but I never do more that 45 minutes of exercise at any one session. Therefore I would fall into the same category as an inactive child. Something is wrong with this report.
    I am not suggesting that we do not have intense obesity in the Cayman Islands, one only needs to look at the leading types of diseases and that will bear this out.
    I honestly wish I could exercise 5 hour a week!