Letters to the Editor: Fix issues hurting homeland

My people, there is much we need to
consider and much that needs to be done.

By now we should all have realised
that there are many things wrong with our beloved Island and the direction in
which it is headed.

However, before we go off on a
tangent due to all the foolishness that is brought to light on a daily basis,
let us take a moment to consider where to begin.

We are a nation of God-fearing
Christian-minded individuals who for the most part couldn’t list the 10 Commandments
if our very lives depended on it.

Be sure my people, that more than
our lives depend on it, our very souls are in danger. Yet we choose ignorance
instead of truth.

What does it matter who is wrong?
We spend our energy trying to place blame instead of simply fixing the problems
in our society.

We know that we all share the blame
for the majority of the problems in our society, even if our contribution was
simply standing by and allowing it to happen.

Martin Luther King Jr. Once said
that the greatest sin of our time was not committed by the few who destroyed
but by the majority who sat idly by. The same is true today.

We as a people cannot begin to
imagine what will become of our paradise if we do not take a stand; a stand
against division, a stand against corruption, a stand against violence, a stand
against immorality.

There was a time when kindness was
a way of life for us. There was a time when society raised our youths and
guided them toward what was right; a time when an extra portion of food was set
aside just in case a friend or even a stranger stopped by. A time when life was
free from the nonsense we live with today.

This is the price of progress I
have been told and I am grateful for all the creature comforts that progress
has brought. If the price of progress costs us our children, our family, our
peace of mind and our relationships with our creator, as well as his creations,
then to be blunt, we are being shafted.

Some will try to convince us that
there is no way, other than bowing down to the will of our inward investors,
but if this is the case I think we should be more selective of who we invite to
invest in our country as I am positive that there are those among the affluent
who still love decency and justice; those who would appreciate a place that
stands for what is good and noble.

My people let us fix ourselves, for
only then will we be able to fix the issues plaguing our homeland. And if we
cannot or will not change what we have become, then we should stop complaining
because we deserve exactly what we are getting.

Mignon Christian