Scholars took others to school

Scholars International are
consistently the best team in the Cayman Islands, their record speaks for

In the 32 year history of the club,
they have won it 16 times and won cups and other competitions numerous times.

There are two other excellent teams
in West Bay – Future and Elite – but it’s Scholars International who carry the

Although they lost to Future 3-2 on
Sunday at the Ed Bush Stadium, it did not spoil their celebrations. Top scorer was
Nimroy Forbes with 12 goals and most influential players was midfielder Nahun

Despite having Nikolai Hill in the
squad they still managed to win the league ahead of Bodden Town by several
points. George Town were third. 

Construction Development
Association is the main sponsors of Scholars International. CDA’s Peter
Campbell gave out balls and shirts to Scholars girls and boys teams and congratulated
the senior side on their triumph.

“I’m so excited,” Campbell said.
“Scholars International is more than just about football. One of the main
reasons as a young Caymanian and sponsor that I got involved with Scholars is
because they are involved in the community, like old people’s homes.

“They organise Christmas programmes
for the youth… It’s what that club has represented over the years in Cayman,
that’s why I’m proud to be a sponsor along with two other owners Bernard Scotland
and Burns Connolly.”

West Bay MLA Cline Glidden Jnr
found enough time to put down his squash racquet to be at the match.

He said: “There’s obviously a lot
of dedication and good coaching staff. Antonio Smith, Dougie Rowe and the rest
of the coaches have done well.

“It’s good to see that we have been
able to maintain our success throughout the years. All the credit goes to the
hard working staff throughout the years.

“Peter Campbell is one of the
sponsors and we appreciate all that he has done. I also recognise some of the
youngsters on the team. It’s all about the future of football. We’re happy to
see them out and recognised as well.”

Smith is a founder member of
Scholars International and he has seen them go from strength to strength over
the years.

He said: “At the beginning we
started well and were leaders. But then we weren’t able to train perfectly.
After we found a place we could train properly, everything started picking back

Scholars captain Jermain ‘Whacky Dip’ Brown, said: “We had a good season.
The team did lie down for a while and missed out on the cups but we came back
up to win the league.

“We’ll look at our mistakes from
this season and start back out next year and aim to retain the title. The FA
Cup and Digicel Cup too, we want them too. We just have to come back and train
hard. We’re working on going on tour with the team now and come back


Smith founded the club in 1978.
Photo: Ron Shillingford