Dragon Bay cleans up

Earth Day clean-up sponsored by Dragon Bay developer Michael Ryan ensured that
bags of litter were removed from the North Sound coastline.

removed included numerous plastic bags and bottles, as well as shoes, car
tires, car parts, and countless Styrofoam food containers.

60 volunteers, including Dragon Bay and Ritz-Carlton staff as well as their
families and friends, spread out over an area encompassing the Ritz-Carlton, Grand
Cayman resort, the North Sound Club and Safe Haven.

up to the clean-up, Ryan implemented a programme of activities to encourage
eco-friendly practices throughout the 360-acre resort community.

continuing this green ethos, the ‘Dragon Bay Foundation’ will be established
later this year to allow Cayman residents, Dragon Bay owners and guests at
Dragon Bay to support projects aimed at maintaining a healthy environment
throughout the Cayman Islands.

Bay will continue its green initiatives in 2010, focusing on reducing waste,
recycling, and supporting efforts of other agencies working to protect local
wildlife and Cayman’s natural environment.

Ryan hopes these planned activities will encourage change and promote
sustainability throughout Dragon Bay and beyond.


Volunteers from The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman came out in force to help with the Dragon Bay clean-up of the North Sound coastline.
Photo: Submitted