Florian will boost local MMA

The fact that UFC star Kenny
Florian is coming to Cayman next month for two seminars is generating a lot of
interest in the mixed martial arts community.

Karate instructor Bob Daigle wants
to help promote sports tourism in Cayman and also make it the MMA capital of
the Caribbean.

By bringing the lightweight ace to
Cayman on 12 June for the seminars and to meet the mixed martial arts
community, Daigle is starting something that he hopes will become a huge
industry in these recession-hit times.

Shotokan karate black belt Tim
Coulson has competed in four of the five MMA events held in Cayman over the
last three years.

The Butterfield Bank employee said:
“Florian coming here will be a great opportunity for the younger generation and
people generally who love the sport to see hands on what it takes to go to that

“Although we’re a small island we
have a lot of potential not only in the financial sector but also in MMA.

“To try to make Cayman the MMA
centre of the Caribbean is a good idea. We need to realise the potential for
having great fighters from the Caribbean.”

Daigle said: “I am so excited to be
able to promote what I am most passionate about, the Cayman Islands and mixed
martial arts.”

Florian will be available for one
hour to fans prior to the pay-per-view event UFC 115 Chuck ‘Iceman’ Liddle
against Rich Franklin at Aqua Beach on 12 June.

For more information, go to: [email protected] and www.caymanmma.ning.com
or ring: 916-0227.