The positive employee excels

If this title makes you want to
stop reading then don’t, this article is not about working even harder than you
may be already, but asking you to take a moment and consider your attitude to
your job and how to get more out of work-not how work can get more out of you!

Why bother?

We spend so much of our lives at
work, most of each day, majority of the year, and ironically more time with our
co-workers than our family-the people we choose to live with! In these difficult
economic times, even if you are in a job you dislike there are still
opportunities to change how you feel. It comes down to a simple choice: learn
to find enjoyment in your job, in your working life or stay miserable, counting
the clock and feeling increasingly demotivated. Although we all have our
off-days, wallowing or moaning is easy, but pretty soon we lose our audience
and find ourselves alone. Although we cannot control what happens at work we
can control our reaction to circumstances.

Developing a positive attitude
helps to overcome stress, increase self esteem and makes a person more
productive and dynamic. A positive attitude helps to;

Create a positive atmosphere at

Achieve goals

Increases productivity levels

Build  a better team.

Work as if the business is yours

The positive employee often acts as
if the business was their own; not in an “I’m the boss” attitude but as if
he/she had shares in the company and a personal interest regarding how well the
company does.

Whether it’s dealing with people or
paperclips, emotional investment in the company makes you change your
perception from, ‘it’s just a paycheque’ and ‘what’s best for me’ to ‘what’s
best for the company?’ (By choosing to adopt this attitude; of acting with
integrity with a selfless perspective, makes you a trustworthy, reliable and
important employee from the manger’s point of view). If you can be relied upon,
sometimes going the extra mile without being asked or paid extra, this is fantastic
personal pr and increases your job security by making you very valuable indeed!
Having that difficult conversation with your employer or asking for concessions
becomes easier because your employer recognises your worth to the company.

What if I can’t stand my job and
want to leave?

It’s easy to become despondent and
demotivated if we are unhappy at work. However, this can seep into other areas
of our lives causing more stress and unhappiness not just for us, but ironically
the very people we go to work to support! Making the mental decision to leave,
whether in one month or six, is liberating in itself, but while you wait for
that fantastic job to come along use this time to positively cement your
reputation  and use the time productively;
gaining experience rather than wishing the weeks away and waiting for the
Friday Classifieds to come.

First steps

Positively, no matter the
circumstances breeds positively. Think about someone you know who is conscientious;
always acts with the bigger picture and the good of the company in mind – we
naturally gravitate to them, and the spinoff is that we feel good too. So,
examine your attitude and make the decision to change it as an experiment for
one day and see how you feel at the end of the day, how your mangers,
co-workers and customers treat you, and how home life feels.

Making the choice to be a ‘can do’
employee exemplifies positive attitude and has an impact in the workplace too.
Being positive makes a person stronger, happier, and healthier. The power of
positive thinking is crucial for happiness in life and a successful career. You
will enjoy your work more and achieve your goals more easily, and you’ll be
surprised just how far a smile can take you.

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