Do something campaign commemorated

Do Something Cayman will be
commemorated with a plaque placed at the George Town Hospital Thursday evening,
13 May.

Miles McPherson and the Do
Something World campaign have come to the Cayman Islands to share their
response to the gospel.

The vision of the San Diego-based
ministry Miles Ahead is to create a world in which lives are transformed, not
through religion or dogma but relationships.

They say they want to send a
message by example that things can change if people just do something.

“It doesn’t have to be a major feat
or anything extravagant and you don’t have to wait for a formal group to
organise to do something,” said Tim Probasco of Miles Ahead.

Several groups have already
mobilised in Grand Cayman to do something.

A coalition comprising of church
leaders, businesses and community organisations put together a team of 176
volunteers to beautify the George Town Hospital, which equated to 700 hours of

At the Frances Bodden Home for
Girls, 200 people came together to put in the equivalent of 800 work hours.   

To commemorate what these people
have done together and the start of a new approach to treating each other as we
would want ourselves to be treated, the plaque depicting a family of three will
be placed at the hospital.

Artist Leulen Bodden came up with
the design, from which actual size templates were made. The design was then cut
using marble donated by Elite Marble and Granite.

The company’s fabricator Luis Sandi
logged roughly 100 man hours of work cutting the material by hand, as the
designs they usually do are not as intricate/artistic as this piece and can be
done using a machine.

 After watching a video on Do Something, Mr.
Bodden, who was recommended for the project, dreamt of the image of a family
including three people.

 “It just came to me that way and it makes
sense because when people come together something usually gets done,” said Mr. Bodden.

 The artist did not know at the time that the
hospital’s logo depicts the very same image.

What the men say is just as
remarkable as what Do Something Cayman has been able to achieve in such a short
period of time, is the way they feel the Holy Ghost strategically placed them
in each other’s path like a puppeteer carefully pulling strings behind the

Upon looking for a company to help
make the image come to life in stone, Mr. Bodden said Elite Marble and Granite
was constantly on his mind.

He said he just dropped in one day
without his portfolio and no clear idea how to promote his idea to the company.

However, he was dumbstruck when
Darren White of Elite told him he was quite familiar with Do Something, as he
was just listening to a sermon by Miles McPherson and learnt the group was coming
to Cayman.

Mr. White told the artist he had
prayed and asked the Lord to use him if he could be of any assistance to the
ministry’s visit.

He added that the answer was “yes”,
leaving Mr. Bodden speechless.

The design was approved by the
Board of Directors at the hospital almost immediately said the men.

Engraving on the plaque will be
provided courtesy of George Town Crafts’ Marvin Hurlston.


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