Being Smarter


Intelligence not intuition drives innovation

We’ve all seen the commercials and advertisements regarding the idea of a smarter planet. But what’s not always clear is how an island country of 60,000+ people incorporates the ideas of big cities (with big wallets) across the world into our everyday life; and what is a smart planet anyway?
IBM’s definition of a smart planet centres on how people use the intelligence gained through sharing ideas and technology across countries, and interestingly enough, it has to do more with people and planning than with computers or software. For example, police in cities use data analytics, wireless and video surveillance capabilities to strengthen crime fighting and the coordination of emergency response units.
Intelligence is the key factor that drives people and systems alike to stay one step ahead of competition (other offshore jurisdictions in Cayman’s case), as well as our own changing needs and wants.
But what does IBM or other technology firms have to do with policing, healthcare, government, infrastructure, education, recycling or even traffic patterns? The common thread is that the financial situation across the world has jolted all of us to the point where we need to see significant advancement in our educations systems, workplace environments, city planning and public safety. All need to interact with each other and the way to do this is through a communication of systems and information stored in various places.

Taken literally from the words of IBM’s CEO:
“The world continues to get smaller and flatter. But we see now that being connected isn’t enough. Fortunately, something else is happening that holds new potential: the planet is becoming smarter. That is, intelligence is being infused into the way the world literally works – into the systems, processes and infrastructure that enable physical goods to be developed, manufactured, bought and sold. That allows services to be delivered. That facilitates the movement of everything from money and oil to water and electrons.”
“With so much technology and networking available at such low cost, what wouldn’t you enhance? What wouldn’t you connect? What information wouldn’t you mine for insight? What service wouldn’t you provide to a customer, a citizen, a student or a patient? The answer is you will do all these things – because you can.”
The Cayman Chamber of Commerce is designed to spark the conversation that will generate new plans and initiatives for Cayman that we can adopt quickly and impact our lives now and for the long term. Economic development means more people working together to help Cayman grow and prosper in a competitive landscape of offshore jurisdictions. This requires the necessary cliché out-of-the-box thinking and a can-do attitude, which incorporates the experiences of others, the will of the people and ability to adapt to change. Investing in Cayman, no matter how difficult that may seem now, means keeping Cayman alive and well.
We look forward to working together with a host of other companies on Island to help with the direction the Chamber has taken.
Paul Gallagher Location/Sales Manager T: 526.1426 E: [email protected]