CITA Objectives

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CITA States top industry priorities

CITA’s Board of Directors have published a supporting tourism statement that elaborates on the association’s top priorities (see

  • Increase tourism arrivals and average spend per visitor: 400,000 Air + 1,750,000 cruise passengers.
  • Safety and crime prevention: Protect our reputation as a family destination.
  • US Immigration pre-clearance for out bound departures: Increase connectivity to more flights and allow new flights from US domestic airports.
  • Airlift and Owen Roberts Airport infrastructure: Make GCM attractive and efficient for both airlines and passengers. Complete the runway extension and taxiway addition.
  • Cruise berthing and cruise visitor experience: To result in a longer time on-shore, producing a higher visitor spend.
  • Room stock: Create an inward investment environment for development of complimentary room stock and address the removal or redevelopment of derelict properties
  • Sustainability: Support “green” initiatives and laws to protect the natural tourism assets and reduce the environmental impact of the tourism industry.
  • Cost and ease of doing business: Streamline work permit processing. Change the mandatory pension contribution commencement from nine to 24 months.
  • Casinos and gaming: Initiate and facilitate informed debate and support a referendum.
  • Immigration: Revise rollover policy in order to keep employees who are committed to the Cayman Islands, service excellence and our economy.
  • Tax free convention status: Achieve tax exempt US IRS status for offshore meetings for US companies.
  • Tourism 2020: Define a clear vision for the future of tourism.