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Meet the Council

Michael Joseph
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Michael Joseph was born in Jamaica in 1973 and was raised in Cayman from the ripe age of only six days old. He attended school first in the Cayman Islands at St. Ignatius and then received further education in England, France, Spain and the United States. Michael has a degree in international business management and another in marketing and advertising.
He represented the Cayman Islands in the 1996 Olympic Games and is a former YCLA finalist. He is a member of the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman, has worked in both Europe and Cayman and speaks French and Spanish fluently.
Before commencing his successful career in the real estate industry Michael worked in private banking/trusts with RBS Coutts and also with local marketing company BB&P. Michael has been a real estate agent with RE/MAX Cayman Island since 2003 and has been heavily involved in the company’s numerous community efforts.
“I share the various concerns that our community faces and the only way I can learn to cope with them is to get involved. My nomination and ultimate acceptance to the Chamber Council is a privilege that I do not take lightly. As a councilor I am enjoying being a part of the machine that represents so many different businesses in all three Islands. We face the multitude of matters and I feel that the Chamber is the very body that can help make that difference for us all,” he said.