The Cayman Islands Brewery hosts Business After Hours

The Cayman Islands Brewery hosted its first Business After Hours since its launch some three years ago and the event received a rousing response from Chamber members.
With 275 pre-registrations and over 375 people attending on 24 February, the event was a roaring success in spite of the inclement weather.
According to James Mansfield, commercial manager at CIB, the idea was to make the event a little more diverse through the inclusion of three different food vendors. Each vendor presented food that works in a perfect pairing with beer – pizza from Brick House, sausages from Caribo’s (which also makes a Caybrew sausage) and Caybrew-battered fish and chips from Mise en Place.
The traditional wine bar was there, but the undoubted stars of the evening were CIB’s three beers – Caybrew, CayLight as well as the latest addition, Ironshore Bock.
The event was an opportunity for many to have their first taste of Ironshore Bock and the dark brew received a warm welcome.
Suite Elite was also in attendance to keep Chamber members entertained.
Brewery tours took place every 30 minutes throughout the evening.
For many this was their first visit to the brewery and the response from many first time visitors was that they had not realised the brewery was so big.
Many attendees were also surprised to find out how green the brewery is. CIB recycles its beer bottles and even its spent grains, yeast and water.
For more info about Cayman Islands Brewery call 947.6699 or email [email protected]